It is the inner values that are of the essence.

Our sleeves are always equipped with a microfiber lining, that protects and also automatically cleans the display. The cuddly soft material, that reminds of the surface of a peach, has been made especially for our requirements in Germany. Thanks to the unique production process, the inner lining is the most suitable for the interaction with the display and the back of the smartphone, regardless of whether the back is made of glass, plastic or aluminum. The microfibre is neither too smooth nor too slip-resistant. In combination with the perfect fit of our customized sleeves, the material ensures the device sliding in and out easily.

The automatic display cleaning of the fitBAG is based on a brilliant trick: due to constant friction, the microfiber lining automatically frees the mobile phone from signs of wear such as fingerprints and other residues. Thanks to the precise fit of the mobile phone case, the fabric rubs permanently on the display and other surfaces of the smartphone, even without active movement. As a result, these are constantly cleaned and polished. The integrated cleaning function works best with increased movement: keep yourself fit with jogging or walking, while your fitBAG will gently clean your mobile phone - by the way!

Well thought-out display cleaning for feel and look

Thanks to the well thought-out design of the fitBAG and its built-in cleaning function, the accumulation of dirt and dust, as common when using permanently attached cases and backcovers, is a thing of the past. Besides the haptics and the clean, without a plastic or silicone case, you can often virtually enjoy the borderless design of modern smartphones in use, so as the manufacturer intended.

  • Useful information about cleaning the display with a fitBAG:
  • Permanent maintenance thanks to automatic display cleaning due to friction
  • In addition, it cleans the back and other surfaces
  • Microfibre specially made for our purposes in Germany
  • Cuddly, peach-like lining
  • Ideal feel and elegant look without a permanently attached case or back cover

Premium microfibre with antibacterial features

The smartphone is a potential hotbed for bacteria, due to the generally warm operating temperature and frequent contact with the skin. On average, we tap our smartphone over 2,500 times a day. Every time, germs, bacteria and other pathogens are transferred to the surface. However, only one in four smartphone owners regularly cleans the surface of its mobile phone thoroughly enough.

Additionally to conventional hygiene measures, you can opt for our premium microfibre, which has all the advantages of standard microfibre and is also antibacterially coated. In Germany, the premium microfibre is provided with an antibacterial coating, using a highly innovative silver ion technology. The coating is also subject to the OEKO-TEX® and bluesign® standards.

The antimicrobial coating creates an odour barrier that keeps the fitBAG fresh for a particularly long time and reduces the multiplication of germs to a minimum. The efficiency tested in the laboratory is 99.61% for the "Staphylococcus aureus" test germ and 98.04% for the "Klebsiella pneumoniae" test germ.

Note: The antimicrobial effectiveness found should not be interpreted as a general health claim and does not replace the usual hygiene measures.