Handmade in Germany - our quality standard

Quality over quantity

In a market dominated by mass production, connoisseurs appreciate our singular and perfectly fitting protective covers. Each fitBAG is only made after the order is received and goes through a manufacturing process of at least 17 work steps. Each of our protective covers is unique and represents a masterpiece in itself. With a fitBAG, you can completely enjoy the original design and feel of your device at the same time - the best protection your smartphone can get.

Unique in the world

fitBAG is the only brand in the world that produces every single sleeve with a multitude of personalization options, with the highest precision for every smartphone without exception, individually and custom-made. This cultivated uncompromising that has been maintained from the very start, both in terms of fit and quality, is highly valued by our customers. We create products for customers who love the extraordinary - from fine details to bold statements.

Made in Germany

We are sure that small things are important in life and in manufacturing, in order to achieve outstanding results. Every fitBAG sleeve goes through a multitude of complex and time-consuming work steps. From manual cutting to shaping, our skilled artists, who have been trained for many years, work passionately, and with the greatest care, to create your personal fitBAG case. Our most experienced experts carry out quality inspection, including the first fitting, which ensures the best fit. Thus, you can be sure that your fitBAG meets the highest demands and meets the 'made in Germany' seal of quality.

Selected materials

When it comes to a daily mate like a smartphone, owners lay a special emphasis on high-quality materials and outstanding quality. Why should it be different with a protective cover? We have been manufacturing our products entirely in Germany since 2003 and only use hand-picked fabrics, which we have selected after intensive research, with regard to aesthetics, durability and functionality.

    All this includes:
  • finest Italian nappa leather
  • exquisite suit fabrics from traditional European weavers
  • high-quality Alcantara®
  • genuine Icelandic fish leather
  • deceptively real Velboa faux fur