Tailored protection for everyday life

A smartphone is an object that is almost always at the side of its owner, both in everyday professional and private life. There are lurking dangers, against which a fitBAG protects the expensive devices. Due to the individual customization our mobile phone sleeves offer tailored protection in everyday life. Protect your smartphone from dirt, scratches and dust as it occurs for items in your pocket or backpack.

Above all, the fitBAG is particularly suitable in your trouser pocket, handbag or backpack, because it is made to measure and the well thought-out design hardly exceeds the device dimensions. Also, when transporting in the passenger seat in the car while traveling or in the fully packed ladies handbags, our fitBAGs provide security. And if the suitcase is a little rougher on the train or on the plane, then the 360° all-round protection comes into focus: each sleeve has one narrow overhang , which additionally covers the upper edge. At the bottom edge, the inside seam provides an additional impact protection.

A fitBAG is also excellent as a pad during active use: e.g. students can use the sleeve so that the device on the sloping table in the lecture hall remains in place. In the car, on the other hand, the mobile phone case provides additional support in the storage area when needed in the center console. The fitBAG is also ideal for outdoor activities and protects your device from rough surfaces .

On the safe side: optional protection against mobile phone radiation

Whether cell phone radiation has a long-term negative impact on people is still unproven. However, the fact is that many people prefer to play it safe and try to be less electronic in everyday life. They suspend exposure as long as possible. That’s why we optionally offer our fitBAGs with a built-in radiation protection fabric. The material is incorporated on the back of the sleeve and only provides shielding on the body-facing side, without affecting reception or signal strength.