Made to Measure for a perfect fit

With fitBAG, the name says it all: the customization of our mobile phone sleeves and their precise handicrafts altogether ensure a “perfect fit” - that truly is, a perfect fit. We do not have a universal size. We manufacture all custom-made cases for the relevant mobile phone model, so that you get the best fit for your smartphone. A fitBAG fits, therefore, like a second skin.

The precise fit also ensures that the built-in display cleaning function works ideally. The microfibre lining produced especially for us in Germany automatically cleans the display during transport and also cleans the other device surfaces without your intervention. At the same time, the perfect fit and the cuddly, soft lining ensure that your mobile phone can be pleasantly removed and reinserted out and into the fitBAG.

The perfect fit also for silicone case, bumper and other accessories

Since a fitBAG is made to measure, we can respond to special requests with every order. If you already use a case, a cover or a bumper, you cannot do without the comfort of a fitBAG. We manufacture the sleeve according to your personal size. So the case fits perfectly despite additional accessories .

  • The advantages of the perfect fitBAG fit at a glance:
  • Ideal fit of the case
  • Only a minimal change of the device dimensions
  • Tight-fitting design for automatic cleaning through microfriction
  • Easy removal and easy sliding in of the smartphone
  • Tailor-made production: custom-made products for devices with bumpers, cases, covers and other accessories