Cases Made from Icelandic Fish Leather for any Phone

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A tailor-made unique one made of real fish skin

With the fitBAG Fin we have a special product range for your mobile phone protection.This version gives you an exclusive accessory that is ideal for special occasions. This sleeve is made of real fish leather, which we process in Germany to provide exotic protection for your mobile device. Thanks to the fish skin and the single customization the result is a fashionable one-off that fits like a second skin and protects your mobile phone from scratches, dirt and other influences.

The fitBAG Fin is exotic and ecological

The fitBAG Fin is a real eye-catcher and offers as much added value as smartphones protection as well as an accessory. In addition to the exclusive look, the fish leather is also very ecological. The material used is not obtained from our own fish farm. The processed fish skin is rather a by-product of food production. Instead of disposing it, it is elaborately processed into raw material for fitBAG and processed into high-quality fish leather. The hot water required for this comes from geothermal sources, which means that the climate is not exposed to any additional stress. A fitBAG Fin is also something for all mobile phone owners who pay attention to their ecological footprint.

Three types of fish leather, each with a distinctive look

Different types of fish leather can be used for a fitBAG Fin. Each of them impresses with its exclusive and special features. Salmon leather is thin and tough at the same time. It wins with a soft and fine surface structure with small, fine scales. The wolf fish skin, a deep-sea fish, on the other hand, is dandruff-free, that is why its fish leather also has a particularly smooth surface. The dotted look with the typical, unique wolf fish dark spots makes the fitBAG Fin in wolf fish leather a special unique one. The perch with its large and coarse scales is responsible for a more striking design. With its unusual scale structure, the perch leather gives the fitBAG a natural and wild look that turns your phone case into an unmistakable eye-catcher. Discover the unique materials and the different colours!

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