Pop Beat

Swarovski Elements lift the high-quality mobile phone case to a whole new level

The basis of every fitBAG Pop Beat is high-quality nappa leather, which we process into an individual and perfectly fitting mobile phone case - independent of the manufacturer and the model of your smartphone. To give the fitBAG Pop Beat an exclusive look, we provide the mobile phone pouch with sparkling Swarovski crystals - stylishly arranged to form a heart, a skull, an elephant and other shapes. With the Swarovski crystals, every fitBAG Pop Beat becomes a real eye-catcher.

The fitBAG is ideal for stylish appearances in everyday life and also perfectly suitable as a noble accessory for special occasions. Inside a fitBAG, the velvety soft microfiber lining contributes to the effective protection of the smartphone and at the same time provides an automatic display cleaning during everyday use.

The fitBAG Pop Beat is a mobile phone bag for sophisticated people

With its high-quality materials and glamorous finish, a fitBAG Pop Beat is also an excellent gift idea for a loved one who values exclusivity. Individuality is not neglected, because you can choose the right fitBAG with the design that suits you or your loved ones from our large selection.

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