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Unique effects thanks to finishing with SwarovskiŽ crystals

With the fitBAG Pop, high-quality AlcantaraŽ forms the basis of every sleeve. AlcantaraŽ is a suede synthetic leather that wins with some outstanding features. With its velvety surface, AlcantaraŽ is soft and supple, but at the same time the material impresses with its durability. It is also easy to care for and even washable, if necessary. Since it is a synthetic leather, all sleeves made of AlcantaraŽ are suitable for vegans. As the manufacturer has been carbon neutral since 2009, the climate does not suffer either.

We underline these many special features by giving each fitBAG Pop made of AlcantaraŽ a special, sparkling label.

AlcantaraŽ is ideal for finishing with embroidery or SwarovskiŽ Crystals. That's why you can find on every tailor-made fitBAG Pop gemstones of the highest quality, which, with their diamond look, ensure a particularly exclusive and glamorous look. The sleeves from the Tile series focus is on 16 square SwarovskiŽ stones that sparkle in the AlcantaraŽ colour. A fitBAG Pop from the Stripe range, like all of our sleeves, is made in Germany, and impresses with a strip of SwarovskiŽ crystals, creating a particularly striking effect. The sleeves from the Beat and Groove series draw attention to them with a pattern made of SwarovskiŽ elements, whereby you can choose from many different designs. Take a look around and give yourself, or a loved one, an exclusive eye-catcher.