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Tailor-made unique ones: sleeves made of genuine leather by fitBAG

Sleeves by fitBAG made of genuine nappa leather, suede or foil leather are among the exclusive accessories that can be used to protect a smartphone in style. We make these special sleeves in different designs, sizes and genuine leather types. The special feature: every fitBAG sleeve is singular - not only because real leather is a unique natural product.

Real leather sleeves by fitBAG in various designs

Here, you get sleeves with a touch of subtle luxury and exclusivity, made of the following natural products:
  • Lamb nappa
  • Suede/velour
  • Foiled lamb nappa
We deliberately use soft leather for our high-quality sleeves. You can find out why, by a simple touch. Skin contact with the delicate leather, no matter what type, is like caressing. Each leather skin is unique - just like every sleeve by fitBAG is always unique.

Sleeves made of real leather with symbolic feature

A fitBAG sleeve made of genuine leather is a statement. The first impression is winning: it is graceful and elegant, luxurious, but without splurge. This sleeve is tailor-made and singularly manufactured for your needs. It is available in different colours. Whether you choose grey, red or another look: this sleeve made of genuine leather by fitBAG matches high-quality, elegant look with resilience and personality.

The nappa leather used for these sleeves comes from lamb and wins as an extremely supple smooth leather with high-quality and special softness. After all, there is a good reason why our sleeves are also called "easy on the hands".
A sleeve made of suede or velvet leather features a soft, velvety surface. It is not quite as smooth as nappa leather and typically has a slightly roughened surface - but without losing its easy on the hands function.
If you opt for a phone case made of foil leather, you will receive a decidedly modern product. The nappa leather coated with a foil is presented in the fitBAG sleeves in a style-conscious gloss with a metallic effect or crash look. The micro-cracks in the leather give the cases for your smartphone an unmistakable character.

High-quality equipment for yourphone case made of real leather

Regardless of the material or size of your smartphone, the fitBAG sleeve is provided with a high-quality microfibre lining, which also has a practical display cleaning function. The inner lining protects your mobile phone from scratches and scuffs, and still lets it slide easily out of the case - whenever you need it. Show your personal style with a discreetly luxurious phone pouch made of genuine leather by fitBAG!