We stand for our product quality. We would like to help you to find a quick solution for any defects. It is important for us that you have a positive experience when shopping at fitBAG. Should there be a problem with your order, please write us using the contact form.

How long is the warranty and what does it cover?

Our products must meet our high quality standards during production, and have undergone all-embracing quality checks before being shipped. In addition, our products are covered by our global warranty, in the event that production errors occur during manufacturing for a period of 2 years.

The warranty covers the processing, seams and the absence from defects in the materials used. To report a warranty claim, please click here. The warranty is valid for a period of 24 months after purchase, and is therefore about the average life span of a smartphone for most people before changing phones. In other words, most fitBAG sleeves will outlast your smartphone.

What is not covered by the guarantee?

  • Defects or damage caused by loss, theft, fire, water or UV radiation.
  • Any problems or damage caused by misuse, negligence (shocks, pressure, rupture, falls, water damage), accidents or unjustified repairs or changes.
  • External changes, defects or damage that are to be regarded as part of normal wear or aging (e.g. scratches, worn leather, peeling paint, complete or partial loss of applications, etc.) .
  • Non-compliance with the care instructions may invalidate the warranty.

The 24 months warranty period begins on the date of purchase of this product.