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One phone case, two materials - fitBAG Fusion

The motto of our fitBAG sleeves from the Fusion range is "make one out of two". The large selection of different materials does not always make the decision for the perfect fitBAG easy. So why not combine the positive features of two different materials by combining two materials? Our Fusion fitBAGs make exactly that possible and offer you a lot of options. This applies not only to the connection of different materials, but also with regard to a wide range of colour combinations.

The advantages of two materials combined in one fitBAG

Thanks to the symbiosis of two different materials, the Fusion models offer the opportunity to benefit from different materials special features. An example of the interplay of different materials is the combination of lamb nappa and Alcantara®. The lamb nappa on the back ensures easy and comfortable sliding in and out of your pocket, while the velvet front made of Alcantara® is particularly pleasant to the touch, easy to care for and durable.

Colour combinations make this sleeve an eye-catcher

Processing two materials not only allows the interplay of different features, but also enables a wide range of colour combinations. Our covers from the Fusion collection are therefore something for everyone who with a fitBAG not only for the necessary protection for the care of your smartphone. You also give the device a very special look. Choose from a wide range of colour combinations. How about a fitBAG in red-white or black-yellow to match your favorite club? A sleeve in your company colours or in the colours of your hometown is also conceivable. There is a variant in white and blue in the range that is ideal for all smartphone users from Bavaria. And in the event that it should not be so noticeable, the classic with a rather discreet combination of black and white should not be missing. The fitBAGs of the Fusion series are suitable for protecting devices whose owners want to set a design accent or a fashion statement. Look around for the right combination!