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SwarovskiŽ Crystals

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SwarovskiŽ crystals make fitBAG Pop an eye catcher

While a fitBAG Pop protects your phone, a stylish appearance is guaranteed. Our sleeves from the Pop collection are made of high-quality AlcantaraŽ or fine Italian nappa leather and finished with SwarovskiŽ crystals that offer a diamond or crystal look of the highest quality. They ensure an exclusive design and a particularly glamorous look with unique effects. The refined fitBAG Pop makes the smartphone an eye-catcher and not only on special occasions. Your everyday mate is focused by the shiny SwarovskiŽ crystals which put it in the limelight.

You have a large selection of sleeves with SwarovskiŽ crystals at your disposal. The 16 square arranged SwarovskiŽ stones of the Tile range provide a simple but effective finishing that sparkles in the colour of the respective AlcantaraŽ material. The effect of the Stripe model is even more impressive because a striking stripe made of shiny stones adorns the phone case. Give a loved one a fitBAG Pop of the Beat or Groove collection - here the SwarovskiŽ Elements are arranged in a heart or a stylish elephant. If you prefer simple elegance, you can alternatively choose one of the many different designs from the Classic range.

Stylish shield against the risks of everyday life

In addition to the exclusive look, a fitBAG fulfills another core task, namely protecting smartphones from scratches, dirt and other harmful influences. Thanks to our customization every fitBAG fits like a glove: the smartphone slides easily into your pockets and out again if necessary, but without accidentally slipping out. Due to the high accuracy of fit, the integrated particularly effective display cleaning works, and thanks to the microfibre lining automatically cleans the screen during everyday use.

The features of a fitBAG Pop with SwarovskiŽ Strass at a glance:

  • Tailor-made, precise shape
  • Automatic display cleaning
  • Refined with SwarovskiŽ crystals
  • Large selection of many different designs
  • Made in Germany
  • Special diamond or crystal look
  • High-quality presentation for a stylish appearance and special occasions
  • Your phone turns into a real eye catcher