IO Pocket

The entire wallet is not always required, just the bank card or one or two bank notes. The IO Pocket takes advantage of the fact that you usually have your phone with you anyway. The IO Pocket is a small compartment that we attach to the front of the smartphone pocket. It offers enough space for one or two cards and neatly folded banknotes .

Functional and easy in & out for banknotes and cards

IO stands for a simple in & out of your credit cards, debit cards or banknotes. Save yourself the hassle of carrying your wallet with the IO Pocket by fitBAG .

In the small compartment, you always have banknotes, credit cards, debit cards and business cards at your fingertips.

Tip: In order that the compartment can provide long and reliable usage, we recommend not to store too many cards at the same time, to avoid wear and tear of the compartment.


Only available for devices with a minimum width of 69mm (≈ 2,72 inches). Please check before choosing this Add-On.