OnePlus Open Case by fitBAG - One of a kind

19.10.2023 16:20

The unique OnePlus Open phone case from fitBAG - custom-made

On October 19th, 2023 OnePlus introduced the brand new OnePlus Open. From now on you can order your individual fitBAG phone case for your new OnePlus Open from fitBAG.

The perfect duo: OnePlus Open with a fitBAG phone case

Whoever owns a practical and at the same time beautiful foldable phone, like the OnePlus Open, appreciates the value of the feel and design, just like a fitBAG does. A fitBAG phone sleeve for the OnePlus Open protects the foldable all around, polishes the surface while stored and lets you always enjoy what you have paid for, the premium feel of your new OnePlus Open.

Customizable Case for OnePlus Open - easy thought, easy done

Simply choose the fitBAG case model you want, enter "OnePlus Open" in the phone model field, configure the case to your liking and we will make a unique case for you in just a few days with traditional handicraft.

Even if you want to use your new OnePlus Open with a case, shell, bumper or cover for extra protection - a fitBAG is customizable and can be made to fit your individual measurements. Just follow the instructions in the product configuration or write us a short email.

OnePlus Open phone case by fitBAG - tailor-made

Choose from a variety of configuration options and make your fitBAG one of a kind.

Much surface, no hassle - antibacterial protection for your OnePlus Open

Day in, day out, a smartphone is pulled out. In the process, many bacteria are transferred from your hands to your smartphone.

Our innovative "Microfiber Premium" Add-On provides a remedy and equips the inner lining of your fitBAG case with an antibacterial coating that neutralizes up to 99.61% of all bacteria. Configure your invidual fitBAG sleeve with this add-on now and let it clean your OnePlus Open everyday while you are not using it.

Protective case for the OnePlus Open - environmentally friendly, sustainable and fair.

Every single fitBAG case is made for you with love, well above 20 years of expertise and passion for detail - craftsmanship from Germany that you will love.

When you buy a fitBAG, you are buying directly from the manufacturer in Germany - thus offering you a fair price, short transport distances and a low ecological footprint - while at the same time paying our employees fairly.

In short; with fitBAG you get a sustainable product of value, lovingly handmade as a unique item, instead of mass-produced, cheap plastic.

As your personal tailor for all your handheld devices, we are here to answer any questions you may have about your fitBAG case for your smartphone, tablet or notebook. If you have any questions, simply contact us via the contact form.

Experience the freshly polished look and premium feel of your OnePlus Open every day with a fitBAG, as if you were unboxing your smartphone for the very first time.