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Sleeves made from AlcantaraŽ: soft and robust protection for your mobile phone

When it comes to the smartphone as a daily mate, users prefer a strong and robust protection for a device. Customized sleeves made of AlcantaraŽ show that fine material and high durability are not mutually exclusive. Thanks to its velvety surface, AlcantaraŽ is a supple and soft material that feels particularly pleasant. At the same time, a robust sleeve made of AlcantaraŽ protects the smartphone from scratches, bumps and other external influences. The material surface is easy to grip and ensures that the device does not slip out of your hand so quickly. AlcantaraŽ also draws attention to it with its easy-care features, and can even be washed, if necessary, should it get dirty in everyday life.

Vegan and trimmed for sustainability

AlcantaraŽ is not real leather, but a high-quality suede synthetic leather. Accordingly, all of our fitBAG sleeves made of AlcantaraŽ are also suitable for vegans, or for everyone for whom animal welfare plays an important role when choosing a protective cover. In general, the focus is on the sustainability of our AlcantaraŽ sleeves. Alcantara S.p.A. climate-neutral and has a balanced CO2 balance from raw materials to delivery. Since 2011, climate neutrality has even included disposal. The manufacturer compensates for unavoidable emissions by participating in international projects, thereby achieving a neutral greenhouse gas balance, which TÜV Süd certifies annually.

AlcantaraŽ features at a glance:

- Soft, velvety surface
- Robust and hard-wearing for a good protection
- Easy care and washable
- Vegan and allergy neutral
-Produced in a climate-neutral manner

Due to its many positive features, AlcantaraŽ has been used as a luxurious interior in the automotive industry since the 1980s. That is why we also give our AlcantaraŽ sleeves the black fitBAG label, a very special label.

Large selection of sleeves made of AlcantaraŽ

At fitBAG, we offer you a large selection of sleeves made of AlcantaraŽ. The classic version wins with a plain-coloured design and ensures an elegant look that you get in many different fashionable colours. The selection ranges from restrained grey and black to more striking tones, including red, curry and orange. Because of its robust features, AlcantaraŽ is also ideal for finishing with additional elements. Our stitch sleeves are enhanced by an embroidery motif on the synthetic leather and the pop models with their SwarovskiŽ crystals are a real eye-catcher. Take a look around!