Radiation protection for your Smartphone

Again and again one hears reports in the media about the effectiveness of mobile phone radiation on the human body. But scientists still disagree whether mobile phone radiation and electrosmog have a negative effect on the body or not.

If you want to play it safe with your smartphone, fitBAG offers you an optional radiation protection with integrated radiation protection fabric. The material is worked into the back of the bag and provides shielding only on the side facing the body without affecting the reception or even the signal strength.

Radiation protection up to 99.9999% - Every mobile phone radiates

We carry our mobile phone with us almost all day long. It creates electrosmog directly on the body. The fitBAG novonic® E-Blocker blocks the direct radiation almost completely - up to 99.9999%. This makes novonic® E-Blocker the best textile fabric of its kind. Confirmed by the University of the German Armed Forces in Munich, in the field of high-frequency, microwave and radar technology and by the Klaus Steilmann Institute, Bochum. Thanks to its high silver content and a patented manufacturing process, novonic® E-blocker shields electro-smog just as effectively as a two-metre thick concrete wall. The novonic® E-blocker is comfortable to wear, washable, resistant to cleaning, breathable and does not impair the function of the mobile phone.

What is electrosmog?

The term electrosmog is actually not a technical term. However, for some time now it has been used for electromagnetic fields and radiation with certain frequencies and wavelengths. This electromagnetic radiation is not nearly as energetic as radioactive or x-ray radiation.

In nature, in everyday life, at home or at work, humans are constantly surrounded by natural and artificial electric and magnetic force fields. Scientists know high-frequency fields and low-frequency fields, as well as static fields. These differ in frequency: this is the speed at which they change. It is referred to by the unit Hertz. The wavelength is related to the frequency. Electromagnetic waves can have a wavelength of millimetres, but at very low frequencies they can also be hundreds of kilometres long.

How dangerous are electromagnetic fields?

This depends on which health effect you mean. One thing is clear: high-frequency electromagnetic fields lead to warming, depending on field strength, frequency and wavelength. Microwave ovens in the household, for example, are based on this effect. Low-frequency electric and magnetic fields can generate short-term electric fields and currents in the body. So far, however, it is rather unlikely that under normal conditions this has a harmful effect, for example on the brain or heart activity.

To date, no sustained health changes are officially known. Today it is only considered certain: Neither high-frequency nor low-frequency fields are strong enough to directly change atoms and molecules. Only the more energetic UV rays as well as X-rays and gamma rays can do this. This also means that electromagnetic fields cannot damage the genetic information in cells to such an extent that cancer, for example, develops. Whether there are perhaps indirect effects that could promote the risk of cancer is still being discussed today. It has neither been proven nor completely and finally disproved.

Tips from the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Germany) - even if no cancer risk has really been proven so far, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) issues a core statement for recommendation:

Keep your distance. Mobile phones, smartphones, tablets: The Federal Office for Radiation Protection advises to use a so-called headset, i.e. headphones and microphone, when making phone calls. Surfing the Internet or retrieving data should only be done when the performance is good: in WLAN or with good reception.
Most modern smartphones score points over old devices because new standards have improved data transmission. When buying one can orientate oneself on a list of the BfS, in which the so-called SAR values of common devices are listed: This is the "specific absorption rate", i.e. the value for energy absorption in the body.

cancer risk not confirmed

Today many scientists no longer assume a measurable cancer risk. The majority of people use smartphones without hesitation, ride on electric trams, cycle along power lines or heat food in the microwave. But the research is not finished.

Frequently mentioned symptoms of ELECTROSMOG

It has been recognized that if healthy sleep works, the body can regenerate itself every night, thus creating the most important basis for one's own health. In living rooms and bedrooms we are talking about two main areas, electrosmog and earth radiation. Both forms of radiation can trigger typical symptoms in the human body as a reaction.

  • to be mentioned here:

  • Loss of performance, fatigue, tiredness and depression
  • Nervousness, anxiety
  • Tinnitus
  • Stress
  • insomnia
  • Heart problems
  • blood pressure (too high, too low)
  • tingling, formication
  • anxiety states
  • Learning difficulties and hyperactivity (children)

These symptoms are values from the statistics and are purely an indication of the possible clinical picture. The type of symptomatology and strength of the reaction varies greatly from person to person. Many do not notice any symptoms at all.

What does healthy and restful sleep mean?

You sleep predominantly 6-8 hours continuously. In the morning you have no tension in your body. You wake up feeling fresh and rested and you have the urge to get up and start the day. Turning over again and sleeping on is not a wish. Throughout the day you have no energy hole or only one after noon. This is the general term for healthy sleep, which in turn regenerates the body independently. This so-called healthy sleep is disturbed for many people by their own actions and their own living environment. But even here there are many possibilities to optimize your own sleep.

This is how electrosmog can be reduced with simple actions!

Basically, every electrically operated device produces electromagnetic radiation, only the distance of the effect is extremely different. A distinction is made between the classes low frequency (current) and high frequency (radio).

Electrosmog can be reduced very easily as follows:

  • WLAN Internet
    If you cannot or do not want to do without WLAN, switch it off at least during the night.
  • Do not charge your mobile phone and smartphone next to your bed, virtually overnight at the same time as using your mobile phone as an alarm clock. Switch the mobile phone to flight mode to deactivate the antennas. You can still use the function as an alarm clock. Or simply switch off the mobile phone completely overnight.
  • alarm clock and radio alarm clock
    Use a battery operated alarm clock. A radio-controlled alarm clock is fine.
  • Television, receiver, computer, ... in the bedroom
    The bedroom is an oasis of relaxation for you. This should be your personal special room for relaxation, fun and games, but not a home cinema. Keep this room as free as possible from multimedia sound and equipment.
  • when the connection is established
    the transmission power is highest. Therefore, keep the mobile phone away from your body during call setup.
  • Do not carry your smartphone switched on in your breast or trouser pocket!
  • Do not hold the mobile phone
    directly to the head, but use a wired earpiece preferably an Air Tube headphone, a "Bluetooth" is not recommended. Especially the strain on the eyes is reduced considerably by using headphones. With a wired ear stud you reduce the fields on the head by 60 to 90%. Unfortunately, an ear stud acts as an antenna if the cable is not ferritic coated. Since an ear stud is closer to the ear, the auditory nerve is still stressed. However, the brain and eyes are much less stressed.

If you want to play it safe with your smartphone

Whether it is proven or not, whether mobile phone radiation actually poses health risks, a few precautionary measures cannot harm in any case.

If you also want to play it safe, just have the optional radiation protection offered by fitBAG worked into your individual bag.

The novonic® E-Blocker radiation protection fabric is only sewn into the back of the bag. This shields the mobile phone rays from the body. The mobile phone's transmitting and receiving power is not impaired and you have a good feeling because you can rule out eventualities in advance.

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