New Online Store

We are proud to present our new online shop with many extras for our customers!

We have optimized our online shop and thus the shopping experience, made it more user-friendly and are overjoyed that we can now present our new shop to you after all the hard work.

As we have always invested a lot of heart and soul in the individual design of our individually crafted sleeves, we have now managed to simplify and optimise your shopping with us.

We have once again expanded our extensive personalization options and now offer even more variation so that you can browse through our new shop more easily and conveniently to find the fitBAG that fits you perfectly.

Mobile phone cases are more than just protection for the smartphone.

With a cover from fitBAG you can carry your style, your beliefs or your mood to the outside world, for which we have very exclusive product lines.

In addition, a protective cover can have another very big advantage if you choose this option, and that is that we have succeeded in creating a protective cover with our specially created premium microfibre inner lining, which frees itself from bacteria on the inside, without you having to do anything extra every day.

All these reasons and many more, show how important it can be to find a bag that fits you and your needs and even your personality. In our comprehensive range you are guaranteed to find exactly THE case that will sweeten and make your everyday life with your smartphone easier.

New collection

With our relaunch we are also very pleased to present our new collections, including the unique fish-leather collection "Fin", which impresses with its feel, grain and expression and is also very much in tune with the ravages of time of the "Zero Waste" spirit, as well as the exclusive "Pop" collection refined with Swarovski® crystals, which embodies pure luxury and grace.

More colour variation

Our colour variation has increased, which means that the popular Italian nappa leather collections "Beat", as well as "Groove" and the Alcantara® collection "Classic" now benefit in particular, and the new colour variety emphasises our individualisation possibilities all the more.

Smartphones, such as the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max or Samsung S20 Plus, are designed for everyday use and are used by many in continuous operation. Accordingly, the demands on a smartphone case are also correspondingly high.

The materials should be as durable as possible and the case should make a valuable impression. The haptics must be right, after all, you don't buy an expensive smartphone, e.g. with a high-quality glass surface to hide it in a bulky case.

That is why, when selecting our range of protective covers, we have taken particular care to include only the most suitable designs and materials.

And all this, as usual from fitBAG, perfectly adapted to your device. Your measurements, your wishes and your design.

Cleaning from the inside by our premium microfibre

After a long development time and intensive research we have had a very special microfibre made according to our own recipe, which is produced especially for us in Germany, now further optimised with our Premium Microfibre.

Through a highly innovative silver ion process our Microfibre Premium is equipped with an antibacterial surface. Due to the silver ions in our microfibre, an antiviral effectiveness may also be obvious, but this has not been specifically confirmed by laboratory tests. This process allows the microfibre to neutralise a large part of the bacteria and prevents unpleasant odours.

The advantage is obvious, you no longer have to worry about the additional daily cleaning of your smartphone and unpleasant odours do not even arise. The ideal solution for all those who rarely disinfect their mobile device, but still don't want to do without the antimicrobial protection.

A new add-on is added!

After several requests from our customers and after many tests we have developed another add-on, the new IO Pocket.

The IO Pocket, a card pocket that can be added to Alcantara (Classic) sleeves, for easy carrying of credit cards and folded banknotes. A small but very useful compartment, for all those who like to leave their wallet at home and travel with less ballast, especially in summertime.

fitBAGs for tablets and laptops!

In the last decade, we have always received inquiries from our regular customers about suitable fitBAGs for tablet and laptop bags. Although these were not officially offered, we have been able to fulfil this wish on demand to each of our highly valued customers so far.

Due to the positive feedback and the increasing demand, we have decided to give all our customers the possibility to order the fitBAGs for their tablets and laptops directly in our shop.

As with our mobile phone cases, quality and individuality are in the foreground, meaning you decide whether you want to use the case with or without the case. We manufacture our tablet and laptop bags, as well as the mobile phone cases, precisely according to your desired size, your design wishes and with the usual fitBAG quality.

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Shipping conditions optimized customer-friendly

We have introduced a customer-friendly change in terms of shipping and have made the shipping conditions clear and concise for you.

Until now we have been able to offer shipping as a DHL package, which had a fixed price of 4,50€.

Now we can offer you the regular shipping for 2,50€ and with a purchase value over an amount of 40€ there is no shipping for you completely!

Naturally, these provisions apply to shipments within Germany.

For international, worldwide shipping we can offer free shipping from an amount of 60€ and each regular shipping is 5€.

You can also find more detailed information under the following link: shipping information

2020-04-08 11:56:00

The slim phone case for the OnePlus 12R.


The thin case for the Honor Magic V2.


Protects and ffits like a second skin.


The slim phone case for the Samsung Galaxy A25 5G.


Stylish phone protection for the Samsung S24 series with a fitBAG.


Onyx Boox Palma e-book reader cover with all-round protection by fitBAG.

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