The new Pop Collection with Swarovski® Crystals

The new fitBAG Pop series, which makes luxury hearts beat faster with that certain sparkle, is our newest collection.

The new design skilfully combines the highest quality material with a touch of gloss for a very special appearance.

What does the new fitBAG Pop with Swarovski® crystals offer

  • custom-made, which prevents the smartphone from accidentally slipping out and which allows the self-cleaning power of the new microfibre Premium to develop its full potential.
  • Refinement by Swarovski® crystals on high-quality Alcantara® or laminated lamb nappa.
  • Self-cleaning of the display thanks to our antibacterial microfibre Premium.
  • Glamorous appearances thanks to the special diamond look with Swarovski® stones.
  • A product that is developed and manufactured in Germany.

Our mobile phone cases of the new Pop collection are made of high quality Alcantara® or fine Italian nappa leather and refined with Swarovski® crystals. This combination promises a diamond or crystal look of the highest quality.

Exactly the right thing when it comes to protecting a newly purchased smartphone such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max or the Samsung S20 Plus.

The refined fitBAG Pop series makes the smartphone an eye-catcher and not only for special occasions. The shiny Swarovski® crystals put the everyday companion in the limelight and convey glamour and elegance in equal parts.

But what makes Swarovski® crystals so special?

Swarovski® crystals promise a special purity of the glass and a sophisticated cut that is able to break down the light into all its colours.

The glass must of course also be right, (usually it is so-called lead glass) because otherwise it cannot be cut so perfectly and would not promise the same brilliance. This special cut, combined with the corresponding glass, makes the Swarovski® crystals sparkle so beautifully, almost like a diamond.

Experience the Pop Series within reach.

To bring the experience of the Pop Series even closer to you and to be able to view the mobile phone cases from all sides, don't miss our YouTube channel, where you can get even closer to the presentation.

The following link takes you directly to our YouTube channel and allows you to experience the Pop Series even better experience of the Pop Series.

Let the shine of the fitBAG Pop series convince you.

Large selection and noble material

Our fitBAG Pop series with Swarovski® crystals offers a wide range of mobile phone cases. Here is something for everyone who is not averse to a special appearance.

The fitBAG Pop with the Swarovski® Stones is available in the following designs: Stripe, Tile, Skull, Heart, Elephant, Helix, Moustache, Clef, Love, Kiss, Flamingo and Unicorn.

The 16 squarely arranged Swarovski® stones of the Tile series provide a simple but effective refinement that sparkles in the colour of the respective Alcantara® material.

For the Stripe model, the effect is even more impressive, because a striking stripe of shiny stones adorns the mobile phone pocket.

The other versions were equipped with finest selected patterns, in order to be able to give everyone the possibility of the completely personal expression.

Select your personal favorite from one of the three pop designs. Whether it is Pop Groove, Pop Beat or Pop Classic made of Alcantara®, the quality fitBAG offers to protect your smartphone is always on top of our list.

The expectations of a phone case are fully met

A phone case should primarily meet two criteria. It should protect the smartphone from scratches, dirt and harmful influences and it should have a perfect fit, which we can guarantee with our custom-made products.

If the perfect mobile phone case can reflect the style and preferences of the wearer on top of that, we have arrived at the best conditions for your perfect mobile phone case.