MacBook Pro 14" and 16" M3 Pro and M3 Max Sleeves and Cases: Customized All-Around Protection Made in Germany.

The elegant sleeve for your MacBook Pro with M3 Pro/ M3 Max 2023.

fitBAG sleeves for the Apple MacBook Pro M3 Pro/ M3 Max 2023 for 14" and 16" sizes are now available.

Simply select the laptop sleeve you like and enter "MacBook Pro M3 Pro/ M3 Max 2023 14 inch" as the laptop model on the product detail page, for example.

Handmade MacBook cases that perfectly envelop the MacBook

Apple products are always elegant, thin, light and particularly stylish. With a MacBook Pro M3 Pro/ M3 Max 2023 you have the right tool for many years to know no limits creatively and productively. At the same time, you don't want to have to waste any thought on scratches in the case caused by rough surfaces or sharp, hard objects during transport. A fitBAG is made for each device without exception according to device-specific measurements and individual selection and fits like a second skin. This means that where your MacBook Pro M3 Pro/ M3 Max 2023 fits, it will fit along with the protective fitBAG sleeve. Put an end to clunky cases - welcome your new slim fitBAG laptop case for the MacBook Pro M3 Pro/ M3 Max 2023.

Ideal protective cover for your MacBook Pro M3 Pro/ M3 Max 2023 also while in use

Do you know the feeling of having bought a laptop bag much bigger than your MacBook Pro M1 Pro/ M1 Max 2021 and promising a lot of protection, only to put your MacBook Pro down unprotected on a rough surface? With a fitBAG laptop case, you not only get the perfect all-around protection during transport thanks to a shock-reducing microfiber lining that also gently cleans your device, but also an ideal pad that is precisely tailored to the dimensions of your MacBook Pro M1 Pro/ M1 Max 2021 and ensures perfect protection in any position on any work surface when you place your MacBook on top of it.

The essential accessory for your MacBook Pro M3 2023: fitBAG Cover for both the 14" and 16" model

A fitBAG is the perfect choice for protecting your MacBook Pro, whether you're carrying it in a backpack, tote bag or shoulder bag. Encased in a fitBAG, your MacBook will continue to fit right where your MacBook fits - wherever you need it, providing protection that goes beyond transport - as a storage surface on rough surfaces, at home and on the go, in the park or while traveling.

Handmade MacBook Pro cases from reliable materials: vegan Alcantara, genuine leather or textile fabric

With a fitBAG you have the choice of high quality, handpicked materials that are carefully selected to ensure aesthetics, durability and feel. We offer a wide range of colors and color combinations to suit every taste. If you are looking for a bag for professional use, simple shades like black, gray and beige are the perfect choice to complement your business outfit. For personal use or casual look, we also offer a wide range of bright, cheerful and trendy colors like red, blue, pink, dragonfly green, brown, yellow, orange and camouflage.