Apple MacBook Air protective case: the elegant case for your Apple notebook.

The perfect fit protective case for your Apple MacBook Air 15 inch

fitBAG bags for the Apple MacBook Air 15 inch launched on June 13, 2023 are available for order now.


Pick the laptop bag you want and enter "Apple MacBook Air 15 inch" as the laptop model on the product detail page.

Handmade MacBook cases that leave nothing to be desired

Apple products are technically advanced, thin, light and extremely stylish. You want to enjoy an Apple MacBook Air as long as possible and not be annoyed that it gets scratches in the case from rough surfaces or sharp, hard objects during transport. A fitBAG is always made for each device according to individual measurements and individual configuration and fits - if not otherwise desired - like a second skin. That means, where your Apple MacBook Air fits in, it fits in the protective fitBAG sleeve. No more clunky cases - welcome to the future with a slim fitBAG case for the Apple MacBook Air 15".

Elegant protective cover for your Apple MacBook Air 15" even during use

Have you ever experienced this? You ordered a laptop sleeve that is many times larger than your Apple MacBook Air 15 inch, which promises a lot of protection, but then you put the MacBook Pro unprotected on a rough surface? With a fitBAG laptop case, you not only have ideal all-round protection during transport, thanks to a shock-absorbing microfiber lining - which at the same time gently cleans the device with its peach-like surface - but also an ideal pad, in the exact dimensions of your Apple MacBook Air 15 inch, which ensures perfect protection in any position, on any work surface.

The essential accessory: fitBAG Cover for your MacBook Air

A fitBAG is perfect for your MacBook Air, whether you carry your MacBook in a backpack, tote bag or shoulder bag. It fits anywhere your MacBook fits and provides protection that goes beyond transport - as a shelf on rough surfaces, anywhere you need it, at home and on the road, in the park or while traveling.

Handmade MacBook cases from high quality materials: vegan Alcantara, genuine leather and textile fabric.

With a fitBAG you have the choice of handpicked materials, which we always select with aesthetics, durability and haptics in mind, in many different colors and combinations. If you are looking for a bag for professional use, simple tones such as black, gray and beige are suitable to complement your business outfit. For personal use or casual look, we offer a wide range of bright, cheerful and trendy colors, including red, blue, pink, dragonfly green, brown, yellow, orange and camouflage.

Do you already use a cover, case or skin on your Apple MacBook Air 15 inch?

We are happy to manufacture the matching bag in your desired fit and size. Contact us to determine the size simply via the contact form or by email to

The matching cases also for the Apple iPhone and iPad

Since we customize for each model, we can also make matching fitBAG protective cases for your phone, tablet and eBook reader. Customize your style according to your wishes, combine the same or different colors and dress your devices in a suit-like garment that discreetly underlines your style and makes a statement.