Suitable protective cover for the Samsung Galaxy S22

fitBAG mobile phone case for the Samsung Galaxy S22

fitBAG sleeves for the new Samsung Galaxy S22 are available now. Find a suitable fitBAG cover in our shop in the mobile phone cases category and configure it according to your wishes. Simply enter the Samsung Galaxy S22 in the mobile phone model field in the item description, add the desired additional options and your case will be handmade to your specifications.

Phone bag with optional fitBAG jewellery loop for the Samsung Galaxy S22

The optional loop of your fitBAG mobile phone case is particularly suitable for attaching small pendants, small accessories or mobile phone jewellery and turns your case into your very own individual item. As the loop is attached to the case and therefore does not come into contact with the mobile phone, your mobile phone remains protected from scratches and still has an individual style.

Automatic display cleaning with every fitBAG cell phone cover for the Samsung Galaxy S22

The highlight of every fitBAG protective sleeve is the automatic cleaning of the display during increased movement such as jogging or walking. Your fitBAG will gently clean your mobile phone. The display and the other surfaces of the device always remain clean and your smartphone is freed from fingerprints or other residues.