Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Case by fitBAG - One of a kind

The unique Samsung Z Fold 4 phone case from fitBAG - custom-made

On August 10, 2021 Samsung will introduce the brand new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. From now on you can order your individual fitBAG phone case for your new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 from fitBAG.

The perfect duo: Samsung Z Fold 4 with a fitBAG phone case

Whoever owns a practical and at the same time beautiful folding cell phone, like the Samsung Z Fold 4, appreciates the value of the feel and design, just like a fitBAG does. A fitBAG phone sleeve for the Samsung Z Fold 4 protects the Foldable all around, polishes the surface while stored and lets you always enjoy what you have paid for, the premium feel of your new Samsung Z Fold 4.

Costumizable Case for Samsung Z Fold 4 - easy thought, easy done

Simply choose the case model you want, enter "Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4" in the phone model field, configure the case to your liking and we will make a unique case for you in just a few days with old-fashioned handicraft.

Even if you want to use your new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 with a case, shell, bumper or cover for extra protection - a fitBAG is customizable and can be made to fit your individual measurements. Just follow the instructions in the product configuration or write us a short email.