Antibacterial cleaning for your Smartphone

The new fitBAG Premium Microfibre

  • Permanent maintenance thanks to automatic display cleaning by friction
  • Antibacterial cleaning thanks to silver ion technology
  • Display and backside are equally maintained
  • Quality from Germany
  • Pleasant feel and velvety protection
  • No slippage due to precise customization

Our new premium microfibre makes it possible

The fitBAG mobile phone sleeves are always equipped with microfibre (standard), which gives the sleeves a special protection and an additional cleaning effect.

The microfibre consists of a velvety soft material that wraps itself gently around the smartphone. Thanks to the guaranteed fit of fitBAG sleeves, this provides additional care and cleaning for your mobile phone.

Made in Germany

Quality and sustainability guaranteed. We have our microfibres manufactured exclusively in Germany, especially for our requirements. This production process guarantees a perfect interaction between device and material through an extraordinary production process.

The precisely measured haptics of the material in combination with the accuracy of fit on your smartphone promises that the material is neither too smooth nor too inhibiting. Your Smartphone can easily slide into the bag without falling out, and can be pulled out just as easily without being hindered.

Thanks to the well thought-out design of the fitBAG and its integrated cleaning function, accumulations of dirt and dust, which are common when using permanently attached cases and backcovers, are a thing of the past. Without plastic or silicone case you can also enjoy the haptic and the clean, often almost flawless design of modern smartphones during use as the manufacturer intended.

Cleaning through natural movement

The microfibre unfolds its full care potential with light movement. This light movement is already given by the use in everyday life. Whether you carry your smartphone in your trouser pocket, jacket or handbag, the natural gentle movement that results from carrying and moving the smartphone creates a slight friction, which incidentally frees the phone from light dirt, fingerprints and unwanted stains due to the microfibre inner lining.
Thanks to the precise fit of the mobile phone cover, the fabric rubs permanently against the display and other surfaces of the smartphone, even without any active movement. These are thus constantly cleaned and polished.

Antibacterial effect

Bacteria likes it slightly warm. The permanent use of our smartphone coupled with our body temperature gives bacteria and their growth a pleasant climate for growth. But usually we do not want exactly this. We touch all kinds of objects in our environment every day, whether we are shopping in public places, at work, traveling or on the road. We touch objects and also always have our smartphone in our hands in between. Bacteria adhering to products can thus easily be transferred to our mobile phone and, thanks to the already warm operating temperature, multiply unnoticed.

With our new microfibre Premium you can now integrate additional protection exactly here. Manufactured with the same quality as our standard microfibre, the Premium version incorporates a highly innovative silver ion technology. The silver ion coating is subject to the OEKO-TEX® and bluesign® standards.

This silver ion technology counteracts bacteria, cares and cleans at the same time. And the whole thing happens by itself, in your pocket.

The additional antimicrobial coating also creates an odour barrier, which keeps the fitBAG fresh for a long time and reduces the multiplication of germs to a minimum. The laboratory tested efficiency is 99,61 % for the test germ "Staphylococcus Aureus" and 98,04 % for the test germ "Klebsiella Pneumoniae".

In addition to the care services you manually perform on your smartphone, you can thus eliminate and control bacteria even more unerringly. Due to the silver ions in our microfibre, an antiviral effectiveness may also be obvious. Although this has not been specifically confirmed by laboratory tests, it still gives you a good feeling in your daily dealings with viruses.

Microfibre Premium offers you additional antibacterial protection

The advantage of the microfibre premium version is obvious. You can worry less about the additional daily cleaning of your smartphone and unpleasant odours are reduced or do not arise at all.

The ideal solution for all those who rarely disinfect their mobile device, but still do not want to do without antimicrobial protection.

2020-04-15 13:48:00

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