fitBAG offers 100% original haptics

The design of a new smartphone is well thought out down to the last detail. With fitBAG mobile phone cases you can enjoy the design with all your senses and at the same time have 360° all-round protection.

The iPhone X models impress with rounded edges and lots of cool glass in the display and also on the back. Apple itself even speaks of the most robust glass ever built into a smartphone. Apple relies on the harmony of glass and stainless steel in combination with seamless workmanship and that certain something through 3D effect, which spatially lowers the typical apple into the case.

The new Samsung S models offer a ceramic back, which not only provides a noble appearance, but also promises a high-quality feel. With their own IP68 certification, they are also protected against dust and water. Samsung thus also offers a unique combination of materials and tops it off with a colour variety of black, silver, purple or blue.

So it remains exciting to see what the new iPhone 12 or Samsung S 20 models will offer in terms of materials and workmanship.

Of course, all other smartphone manufacturers also have a well thought-out design, great materials and a cuddly feel, for example with rounded corners and edges.

However, whatever design you decide on. The design is and remains a valuable purchase criteria and gives the feeling of luxury. Of course you want to protect your newly purchased smartphone and give it the longest possible durability without scratches and scrapes.

As a rule, there are many different possibilities for this. The most common variant is probably the plastic case. This is available in different colors and shapes and serves to protect the case. If you enjoy the look of your smartphone, you usually use a transparent plastic case.

The feel changes naturally and the dimensions of the originally chosen design are extended. Plastic is quite susceptible to dirt and dust, which in this variant tempts you to always buy a new case so that the visual beauty is not obscured by a veil of grey.

Another possibility is a cover from fitBAG. The haptics and the noble form beauty of the smartphone remain exactly the same as you acquired it in the origin. The noble materials are tangible and spoil the sense of touch with high quality.

fitBAGs enable the use of the smartphone as intended by the manufacturer.

fitBAG has the 360° all-round protection for your Smartphone

fitBAG offers 360° all-round protection. The perfect solution for all who attach great importance to design and handle their equipment with care.

If the mobile phone should fall down once with the fitBAG, usually nothing happens from hip height. A reinforced bottom of the bag and a protrusion at the upper edge provide an ideal protection in case of falling from usual heights. Protection and care, while carrying and using is .

If nevertheless a protection product like a silicone case is attached to the backside, the fitBAG additionally offers full display and all-round protection, for example when stowed in a bag, with potentially scratch-causing objects such as a key or simply small change.

Whether you prefer to use the naked device or you want to continue to use a case for absolute protection - fitBAG offers the full program, individually configurable and made to your desired size.

Longevity and enjoyment of your Smartphone

With its mobile phone cases, fitBAG offers several protective functions and special quality. In addition to the 360° all-round protection, which impresses with its precise fit, high-quality materials, reinforced bottom and protrusion at the top edge, the inner lining with cleaning and antibacterial microfibre is also exceptional.

fitBAG mobile phone cases protect not only the smartphone but also its owner.

In general, there are of course a few tips on how everyone can handle their smartphone to have long lasting pleasure. Among other things, careful handling is a prerequisite. After all, a Smartphone also has its considerable value. If you want to be on the safe side, you should additionally take care of a mobile phone insurance. Mobile phone insurances have fallen sharply in premiums in recent years, so it is definitely worth comparing.

A fitBAG cannot compete with a protection like "military grade protection"- cases, which advertise with a 30m fall protection - but hand on heart: when did this really happen to you last?

fitBAG mobile phone cases are a high-quality all-round solution. Adapted to your needs, processed with the highest quality materials and refined with that certain something.

Additional haptics due to finest materials

If you do not want to do without the very special sensory perception and flattering haptics even when protected, fitBAG offers a wide range of individually selectable materials.

fitBAG offers the final touch when it comes to combining protection with quality, individuality and luxury. Your mobile phone cover that skilfully takes into account all your needs when it comes to a protective cover for your smartphone and also expresses your personality.

2020-04-15 12:19:00

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