The custom case for the Xiaomi 14 / 14 Pro | fitBAG

26.10.2023 16:42

Xiaomi 14 / 14 Pro custom phone case from fitBAG

fitBAG cases for the Xiaomi 14 / 14 Pro can be ordered now.

In three easy steps to your individual fitBAG protective cover:

  1. Choose the fitBAG that you like.
  2. Enter "Xiaomi 14" or "Xiaomi 14 (Pro)" as your phone model in the product configurator.
  3. In just a few days, we will tailor your individually configured one-of-a-kind item from your desired material according to your personal selection.

Xiaomi 14 / 14 Pro custom protective case from fitBAG

Configure your individual case now and choose from many useful add-ons.

Xiaomi 14 / 14 Pro Case with all-round protection, personalization and perfect fit

Encase your Xiaomi 14 / 14 Pro in a slim fitBAG for ideal all-round protection from scratches and increase the resale value of your smartphone. The peach-like surface of the microfiber lining incidentally polishes the display of your smartphone without your intervention while wearing it. So you can always enjoy the brightly polished design of the Xiaomi 14 / 14 Pro while using it, just like when you first unboxed it. Also, always use the fitBAG as a pad when you put down your Xiaomi smartphone. With a fitBAG, you will keep your new Xiaomi 14 / 14 Pro in perfect condition in any situation.

Every single fitBAG bag goes through a multitude of elaborate manufacturing steps and is handmade with a lot of expertise and attention to detail on an order-by-order basis and according to individual selection made to measure and configuration. Read more about the benefits of a fitBAG for your Xiaomi 14 / 14 Pro here.

The ultimate protective case for the Xiaomi 14 / 14 Pro - handmade in Germany

If you already use a cover/case/bumper on your Xiaomi 14 / 14 Pro for additional protection, for example made of silicone, wood, a flip cover, a transparent bumper made of silicone, a back cover, a transparent case with band, cell phone chain or similar, select the optional special size in addition and enter the circumference measurements for a custom manufacturing. If only a screen protector or armored glass is attached to the Xiaomi 14 / 14 Pro, then the standard size will fit without choosing the special size.