Everything the Nothing Phone (2) needs - The Case by fitBAG

Nothing Phone (2) phone case by fitBAG

The Nothing Phone (2) impresses with many technical features, but first of all with the distinctive look of the transparent back, which skillfully showcases the technology inside. So if you like to enjoy your phone pure, without any attached plastic, fitBAG is the right choice for you. Custom fitBAG cell phone cases for the Nothing Phone (2) are available now.

How it works: First, choose the fitBAG protective case that fits you from the phone sleeve category and type in "Nothing Phone (2)" as your phone model. That's it.

Nothing Phone (2) Case made of Italian nappa leather, original Alcantara or textile by fitBAG

Configure your custom fitBAG phone case that will fit like a glove to your new Nothing Phone (2). Get yourself a fitBAG phone case for the Nothing Phone (2) for optimal camera, display and all-around protection - with its proprietary microfiber lining, it conveniently cleans the surface of your Nothing Phone (2) - and provides value-preserving 360° protection that keeps your smartphone safe for everyday use without changing the look and feel of your Nothing Phone (2) as you use it. Use the fitBAG phone case as a pad for your Nothing Phone (2) and protect your new smartphone in every situation optimally from scratches.

Nothing Phone (2) protective cover from fitBAG

If you already use a transparent case, bumper or clear cover with chain or similar for your Nothing Phone (2), simply add the optional special size and enter your individual measurements for a perfect fit. If you only use a screen protector or bulletproof glass on your Nothing Phone (2), then you can simply order the regular size by specifying the phone model only.