Luxurious Sustainability

The fitBAG Fin is in touch with the fashionable spirit in every respect. With zero waste and exclusive design, every mobile phone becomes an eye-catcher. Whether it's the new iPhone 13 Pro Max, the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or a model that has been around for a while, this mobile phone case gives the smartphone the polished look. With the fitBAG Fin, you have everything a product could give: Exclusivity, luxury, a special feel, optimal protection, zero waste and sustainability.

A phone case made from genuine icelandic fish leather by fitBAG

A sensational rediscovery of exclusive workmanship for your mobile phone.

The fitBAG Fin mobile phone cases are made from fish skin. Each piece is unique, as only one skin is used for each case. Fish skin behaves like leather, except that no extra animal is killed for it, as fish skin is a by-product. We are therefore in the recycling business in a class of our own, as our supplier elaborately tans a by-product and we process it to fit each mobile phone precisely, optionally also with an attached protective cover, i.e. according to individual measurements.

Tanning fish skin is an old craft, but only very few people still know how to do it. The fish scales are lost during the tanning process, leaving the fish skin without scales, but with the unique pattern of the fish. Where there were scales before, the unmistakable skin pattern with the scale markings remains.

This makes our mobile phone case absolutely unique in two ways: firstly, no two fish skin grains are the same and secondly, no skins are combined and no standard dimensions are used. With every order, the case or bumper is optionally considered individually and made to fit your smartphone exactly.

Many fish skins have a strong outward resemblance to snake or reptile skin. This sustainable and at the same time deceptively genuine alternative to reptile skin gives everyone the opportunity to protect nature and reptiles without having to forego exclusivity. In this way, you even contribute to the conservation of many red-listed animal species.

There are no limits to taste for a luxurious phone case

Each fish has a different distinctive skin grain, so there is something for every taste; whether you like it more adventurous and eye-catching and thus probably opt for a perch, or whether you prefer elegance and minimalism and are looking at the salmon, or whether you go for the sea wolf with its characteristic spots and thus the individuality par excellence is up to you and your own preferences. But one thing is guaranteed with the leather from the water, you will stand out with this protective cover.

Fish leather is particularly fine, flexible and yet very robust and hard-wearing, a very reliable material for processing special accessories. It is the small detail in the very big appearances. Salmon, for example, is also known for its good absorption of colour pigments and promises a long-lasting luminosity when it comes to colour variety. Whereas wolffish leather is valued for its robustness and signs of wear only appear in extreme conditions.

Whether in a handbag, briefcase or well-protected in a suit pocket, careful handling also guarantees the longevity of your luxury fitBAG from the ocean and protects the unique piece from wear marks.

Zero Waste Phone Case.

Thanks to the Zero Waste movement, many materials in the fashion world are currently being questioned. One tonne of fish fillet leaves around 40 kg of fish skin. Until now, these have either been processed into animal feed or simply disposed of. The complex processing still scares many manufacturers, which is not the case for fitBAG! We always look for only the best for our customers and combine the finest quality with ecological thinking into fitBAG Fin.

An exclusive accessory like the fitBAG Fin to protect your mobile phone is exceptional. Made with fish leather on the outside and cleaning microfibre on the inside, and even antibacterial on request, the cases offer optimal protection without resembling mass production. FitBAG Fin sleeves are not only super chic and individual, but also sustainable and help the environment in many ways.

A phone pouch that offers protection, sustainability and exclusivity

What more can you ask for when you want to show off your smartphone to its best advantage.

Last but not least, you can be sure that you are dealing with a very noble material, because after all, not every material is awarded the "best luxury leather in the world" award in 2013 at the APLF Hong Kong leather exhibition.

2018-01-25 13:16:00

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