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Questions about the order process

Just select the desired fitBAG model, enter the exact name of your smartphone model, select optional configurations and add this article to your shopping cart. You can then complete the purchase using the shopping cart

We always manufacture to measure and are able to take into account all kinds of accessories / protective products already attached to the device. Please follow the measurement instructions. After you have taken the measurements carefully and checked them, just enter them in the configuration bar of the "custom size" on the product details page in the appropriate fields.

Send an email to our customer service at info@fitbag.de or call us at +49 (0) 2354 7065494. Thereby, we can cancel the order as soon as possible. Please note that an order that has already been made can no longer be canceled.

Questions about delivery

The current production time of a fitBAG is shown on the relevant product details page.

You can see the status of your order directly in your customer account. As soon as your shipment is sent, you will receive a shipping confirmation with details of your shipment by email. It usually takes only a few days (for shipping within Germany) for your dispatch to be delivered by the shipping provider.

Questions about replacement

Please write us a short email to info@fitbag.de stating your order number and for which mobile phone model you wish to replace. We will examine your case and get back to you as soon as possible.

Please write us an email to info@fitbag.de stating your order number and explain to what extent the sleeve does not fit. We will examine your case and get back to you as soon as possible.

Questions about our online shop

Should any errors be in our online shop or should you discover a defect in one of our products, please let us know and send us an email to info@fitbag.de. We will then take care of the problem as soon as possible!

Please try to use another web browser first. Please contact us for a quick problem solution by email to info@fitbag.de or give us a call, so we can help you quickly.

Questions about withdrawal

When ordering a standard sleeve, we will of course refund the full purchase price - if the product is in unused condition.
You can read more about the right to withdraw here

A custom-made product is excluded from the withdrawal because it is a product made to your measurements and / or with a customized configuration selection. Such a sleeve is not suitable for resale, so it cannot be withdrawn. In this case, please contact us so that we can find a solution.

Questions about our products

We always make our sleeves a little bit tighter, as the material always expands a little in the first days of use and adapts to the shape of the device. It’s almost like new shoes or new jeans. If it still does not fit after a few days of use, please contact us and we will find a quick solution.

Yes, the cell phone accessories mentioned above are usually very thin and do not usually lead to fit problems. Please do not confuse it with a protective cover, bumper, case, cover or similar - such protective products must be taken into account when manufacturing.

Even if it is only minimally thin, the crosswise and longitudinal size of the device changes considerably, so that consideration of these dimensions is necessary. Please measure your device as described in the measurement instructions. A difference in the cross sizes (cross size with case minus (-) cross size without case > 2) from 2 mm makes a special order necessary.

A little tip for easier removal: Push the phone out a little from below (e.g. hold the sleeve with your left hand and press against the lower seam in the middle with your right thumb, similar to a toothpaste tube). Removing it from the opening just by pulling it out is more difficult and is not recommended because the material wears out quicker.

The radiation protection layer is inserted between the inner lining and the outer material in the back of the sleeve. You can recognize the back of the sleeve by the fitBAG label. The fitBAG label can be seen on the back of the sleeve on the left. Wear this side facing your body.

Please contact us by email at info@fitbag.de and let us know which sleeve you imagine. We will check its feasibility and give you a feedback as soon as possible. We are always pleased to receive special requests.

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